Saturday, 18 February 2017

John Wick: Chapter 2

As much as I panned John Wick when it came out back in 2014, I paid the bare minimum to watch John Wick: Chapter 2 (RM8). 

  • You would think that the Russians would just let him take his car back without a fuss (or damage). Of course that would mean one less action scene, but still. Nice of him to call a truce with the surviving Russian mobster? 
  • The problem with these movies is that asshole young guys are always getting on John Wick's nerves.
  • If you thought the body count in the last movie was high... this one blew that right out of the water. 
  • It was nice of the concierge to jaga his dog...?
  • So the dog from the last movie survived. Just as well that it never got a name.
  • Bulletproof suits are a handy thing to have.
  • The Sommelier is a pretty cool character: shop guns, but talk wine. 
  • He and Common having to stop their fistfight because they were on grounds of the Continental Roma was LOL hilarious 😭
  • $7 million bounty is a huge step up from $2 million.
  • Yup, he killed with a pencil in this movie, people.
  • Okay, a sumo wrestler assassin? Shut the front door!
  • Being a mute bodyguard must be fun for Ruby Rose cos she doesn't have to talk.
  • Hellooo Morpheus. 
  • You have to admit, getting excommunicado from the Continental really sucks balls.
  • He and the dog make it look like the walk from Jersey to Manhattan a very short walk or something.
  • Wait, so instead of killing him at the park right there and then for "conducting business" on the grounds of the Continental, he gives the guy an hour's headstart to go on the run? Nice of Winston? Okay, they had to set things up for the third movie... I hope he's got a good stash of gold and weapons.
Two hours of watching Keanu Reeves kill people in every way, shape or form can be a bit much for some people. I just thought it was too damn long. But it feels like a video game.

For the love of Pete, I hope they stop at three.