Sunday, 22 January 2017

Week 3, 2017

Last shopping weekend before CNY next weekend. Have fun with the crowd at most of the malls who are also doing their last minute shopping. 

Also, urgh, can't believe it's CNY next weekend. It's gonna be a busy week at work... 
  • RIP, Miguel Ferrer. 
  • Most of the planet upset and protested the inauguration over the weekend. 
  • Got comforter washed on Saturday at a coin laundry. Apparently everyone else had the same idea. Oy vey. 
  • Patissez had their soft opening in the second home this week. Still no idea if the donuts are any good or not. 
  • Glo Damansara finally thought it was a good idea to start charging for parking 😒. The good news is that it's RM1 for the first 3 hours. The bad news is that there's nothing much going there at the moment beside Ben's Grocer. 
  • Some more online shopping arrived, yay!