Saturday, 14 January 2017

SiliSponge (Original)

As someone who applies liquid foundation with the fingers, the idea of the SiliSponge was appealing because I just wipe them down with the same piece of toner soaked cotton pad I just used. And I don't really wash my hands after that.

It's US$9.90 and it's free global shipping (which begs the question of how cheaply are they making these; and also, don't be a chump like me and pay full price for this: the promo code is MCSIGNUP when you register for their newsletter, no idea how much of a discount it is). Also they're currently up to their NINTH restock, so to say it's damn laku is an understatement. 

Shipping: As these are shipped from Hong Kong, I figured that it can't possibly take TOO LONG to reach me here in Malaysia. It took about a couple weeks, and it came in a gold foil padded envelope, beside the tiny ziplock bag and foil pouch. 

Using it took some getting used to, especially for the facial nooks and crannies. You still would need to tap and spread so that the application doesn't look streaky, etc. Now, messiest I get is getting some on my thumbnail instead of a couple of fingers. Which I say is an improvement. Also, you just need to clean it with like, hand soap and water and it's less annoying than hand washing makeup brushes. 

I know a lot of beauty bloggers, etc have said (and proved) that you can just buy chicken fillets (aka breast enhancers) as a substitute if you don't want to spend $9.90 on this. Which is a fair and legit point. So it's totally up to you if you want to use this or a chicken fillet for cream and/or liquid makeup application. 

Me? I don't hate it. It beats washing brushes and sponges. And it doesn't absorb any product, so your foundation, etc would go for longer cos brushes and sponges absorb the stuff. And don't get me started on the price of liquid foundation - it's like the beauty version of printer cartridges, very expensive per ounce 😒

Also, a Taiwanese brand came up with their own thinner, teardrop shaped silicone applicator, the Heme Baby Q Transparent Puff, which is adorable, I must say. I bought it through a seller on, but I'll save that for another time. 

Update: I also just found out they now have a version 2.0, which is a more conventionally round shaped, that they claim fits in most BB cushion compacts or something like that. But it's almost $17, so... maybe version 3.0?