Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Redeeming Benefit's Birthday Brow service at Sephora

If you're a Sephora member, one of the birthday gifts you get regardless of level attained is a complimentary brow service (waxing, not tinting) from Benefit Cosmetics. If your local Sephora has a Benefit Brow Bar, then you can redeem it. But you first have to receive the email from Sephora beforehand (which if you've registered, you'll get it early in the month). 

Finally redeemed Benefit's Birthday Brows treat at Sephora over the weekend. They tell you to make an appointment beforehand, but I think I accidentally made an appointment for a different counter or something. (This is why I hate talking over the phone.) I suppose you could also try your luck, walk in and hope that they're not too busy or something.

This is how you redeem the brow waxing treat at Sephora (which I learned the hard way, so you're welcome):
  1. Go to the cashier and tell them you want to redeem your brow waxing. 
  2. You'll be asked for your phone number or email (if you registered, it should pop up). 
  3. You'll then be asked if you also want to claim your other birthday items (a "curated gift", this year it was blush; RM30 off an online purchase and double points on first purchase). Since I already did that online, I told the cashier just that. There's no point lying about it, they can always check.
  4. The cashier will print out the receipt/voucher that you hand over to the person at the Brow Bar. 
  5. Sign the waivers (if you're not on acne medication, etc) and off you go!
Depending on how gnarly your brows are to start with, the actual waxing itself is pretty quick and only takes about 10, 15 minutes tops. They'll map out your brows and tell you where your arches should be, etc before the actual waxing.  

Here's something else I can tell you as someone who's gone around the Valley for this: The Sephora Brow Bars are (as far as I can tell) run by Benefit counter managers (these days), at least that I know of in KLCC and 1U. Which kinda makes me feel a little leery about going to the standalone stores for this now.

So if you want it done properly... #justsaying

Except for this one girl in Paradigm (who did a shitty job, IMO), I hardly ever get the upsell for other services. (I got a complimentary eyebrow tinting at Pavilion one year because of a scheduling snafu on their part, and while it was nice, but I dunno about paying for it on the regular when there's now products that do the same for cheaper). 

If you're redeeming this at the standalone store, you don't have to buy anything. You just make an appointment and bring your IC, but the last time I checked you can only make the appointment either a few days before or after the actual birthdate or something. You have to call and check with them.