Sunday, 1 January 2017

Lulu Hypermarket, Kuala Lumpur

Because it was New Year's and no one was cooking lunch or dinner (the 'rents had a dinner to attend) at home. So went to check out the Lulu Hypermarket in downtown KL for lunch. The weekend and public holiday parking rate is not too bad: RM4 flat rate. 

Getting there took some getting used to, especially if you've never been to that part of KL. Plenty of people jaywalking and shopping like Raya is coming or something. 

Made the mistake of eating at the food court on the 4th floor (nothing much to write home about, don't bother).

The place is both amazing and baffling - you can all sorts of stuff under one roof.  Like this... 

And then there's the supermarket downstairs. Wah lau eh, the supermarket is the mind blowing. 

I know Lulu is a Middle Eastern hypermarket, but the variety of Middle Eastern stuff is like... 😲

So many kinds of Tang.

Horlicks also got for ladies one :/
Even the hot food section is not like any you've ever seen: 2 kinds of biryani, roti and the fixings, Indian sweets, LASAGNE, etc. Should've just had lunch down there instead. Cis. 

RM10 mixed salmon platter, a container of tabbouleh, and TOUM (garlic sauce)!
If it wasn't so far, I don't mind going there again.