Tuesday, 31 January 2017

CNY at Hammam Spa, Publika

I've tried the Christmas promo and also the Ramadhan promo (not for actual working people unless you take the time off), but not the CNY promo, which is basically their signature hammam, gommage, a seven flowers bath and 60-minute massage, which, after a year I had, I kinda needed one (the seven flowers bath). 

My experiences at the Publika outlet were pretty good in the past (here and here), so I made an appointment for the second day of CNY, which was not that hard to get. I couldn't believe that it's been a couple of years since I've been back. If it was busy, you couldn't really tell cos you're not really bumping into other people while you're in there.

I tried to ask for the same hammam lady over the phone, but when I called I was asked if I wanted the "old" or the "young" Nadia (no idea if was referring to their age or whoever was there the longest...?). I had a 50-50 shot and long story short, didn't get the same Nadia I met a couple of years ago (apparently she's also mentioned by name by fellow Foursquare users as a go-to, so...). Oh well. To be fair, the one I got in the end was okay too.

There's something satisfying and gratifying about seeing all the exfoliated skin all over the marble slab washing away down the drain.. I was waiting to see at what point would the seven flowers be incorporated and it was towards the end. I was also alone in the hammam area, so no complaints from me. 

The massage was also pretty relaxing for the most part. I think they used some orange scented oil (this is why I don't usually do aromatic oil massages cos I never seem to smell the oil) on me...  

There's worse ways to spend a public holiday...