Wednesday, 25 January 2017


Finally cashed the free birthday movie ticket vouchers to watch Allied at the newly remodeled GSC in Midvalley. It's not a movie I would pay to watch, but this was the earliest screening I could find, as the other ones were like 11.25 p.m. (1U) and about 8 something in Pavilion. 

The only reason why anyone would give a dang about this movie was that the release was tainted (somewhat) by Brad's messy divorce and the (alleged) onset romance with Cotillard. 

If I thought going there in the rush hour rain was annoying - leaving the place with everyone else is about, if not more, annoying. 
  • Just when you thought there's gonna be a long sequence of Brad Pitt walking through the desert... he conveniently gets a ride to town. 
  • No wonder they got Marion Cotillard for this movie... 
  • If Brad Pitt's character was supposed to be French Canadian, I didn't buy it. 
  • Was being gay still legal in 1941? 
  • They did a bang up job making a guy like Matthew Goode look so disfigured :P 
It was okay for the most part, but dunno about watching it again...