Sunday, 18 December 2016

Week 51, 2016 - Last shopping weekend before Christmas

Short work week because of both state and national holiday, but compressing a 5 day work week into 3 is not a lot of fun. Also, it's the last shopping weekend before Christmas... well technically, you can still do it up to Christmas Eve and all, but still... 
  • Checked out Pavilion's new extension on Monday. 
  • Went to Midvalley on Tuesday. 
  • Just as I got my ticket to see Eddie Izzard in Singapore, they announced a KL show pulak. How am I gonna sell off the ticket now....?
  • More news of 90s revivals: they're bringing back Duck Tales, with David Tennant as the voice of Scrooge. Sure he fulfills the Scottish requirement, but... 
  • Word of more water supply disruption in more areas (even my own) is just annoying at this point.
  • The 'rents got both a new fridge and a new TV this week.
  • Saw Rogue One on Saturday morning.