Tuesday, 20 December 2016

The Christmas Roast of Douglas Lim

After years of watching the annual Comedy Central Roasts, I finally get to attend an actual comedy roast in person. It's also probably been a while since any comedy was held in the PJ Live Arts theatre because it had been ages since I was last there.... 

It's a bit sad when even the ticket is printed on thermal paper 😞

The place was pretty packed for a Monday night. Also, proceeds from the roast are going to charity. His wife and dog were spotted outside before the show.

Roastmaster Jenhan

Jenhan served as roastmaster while their other MACC colleagues Chi Ho and Jason, One Mic Stand's Brian Tan (RIP OMS), as well as the ladies who knew him the longest (besides the wife): his Kopitiam costars Joanna Bessey and Chelsia Ng were roasters. I like how they have to explain how a comedy roast works to the audience at the start so people wouldn't get terribly outraged. 😒

Brian Tan went first, and I already forgot how his time went. But everyone went after him for being the least known person on stage, etc etc. Everyone made fun of Jason for his shameless self promotion (true) and for (famously) losing out to Harith in the World's Funniest Person competition, etc; Jenhan got the gay (when he's not?) jokes, fat jokes and how his material is from his tales of woe (car getting cloned and his dead father), Chi Ho for his looks and how unfunny he is out of them all. Of course Joanna Bessey got the fat jokes and Chelsia the papan and coat tail hanger on jokes..

The roast order was Brian Tan, Joanna Bessey, Chi Ho, Chelsia and finally Dr Jason.

As the last roaster, I thought it was hilarious watching Dr Jason on stage either gesturing at the others to wrap it up, or furiously editing his notes when someone beat him to a punchline. 

For not being comedians, I thought the ladies did alright. Of course to help them along they got a slide show of pictures from the old days... and a few embarrassing stories about Douglas.


Paid RM53 to see the back of this guy's head with no way around it.
This is why I hate buying tickets online.
My view for TWO HOURS #shortpeopleproblems
Not to mention that I was seated next to this uncle who's breath and BO I could smell, which kinda put me off... and I was (again) getting kicked by someone's knees behind me. So concentrating to what's happening on stage was a challenge.

Of course Douglas's furkid Cleo made an appearance on stage to roast her human (with the help of Jenhan). The dog has a blog - anyone know what the URL is?

As brutal as the jokes were, they were nothing when it was Douglas's turn at the mic. For a guy who claims not to be an insult comic, them jokes cut DEEEPPP..... and he finished his set with not a song, but a rap. I wish I was kidding.

Douglas closing out the show
All I can say is: we certainly learnt a lot more about these people tonight.