Monday, 12 December 2016

Rock Corner Liquidation Sale :(

The Rock Corner at The Curve is closing down next month, so they've been selling everything off for the last month or so, but now CDs are half off, vinyls are 30% off, and everything else is 20% off...

I was there today and after several trips, I finally found a couple of CDs I don't mind having: a Blue Man Group album and the most recent Muse album. It was literally two for the price of one. 

While paying, I chatted with the Indian uncle who's been there for as long as I can remember, weeks away from losing his job, who asked me where am I gonna buy my tickets then...? (Which is true: it had been my go-to since the 1U branch closed, as the other outlets are in KL, but I'm that weirdo who's mostly there to buy event tickets). The only plus side (he told me) is finding a job closer to home (the guy has been commuting to Mutiara Damansara from Rawang) now... 

Bittersweet haul
I will be sad to see it go... 😟

If you still buy music the old fashioned way, you still have time to check the sale out. However, YMMV.