Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Pork noodles at Kean Fatt

I hadn't been back for the pork noodles in at least a year now, but was driving past the place at a time it would've been too early for lunch at other places, but would be just nice here. (Expect an average wait time of 30 minutes if you go at peak breakfast or lunch time). So what the heck.

Parking is a bit crap there, so most people just park in the residential area and hope for the best (by that I mean not getting towed or saman or side swiped, etc). 

There are other stalls in the kopitiam of course, but at least 80% of the tables are there for the pork noodles.

Going on a theory that the wait might only be 15 minutes (because it was before noon), we decided to try the theory out. And I was right - we only had to wait about 15 minutes because we missed the boat and had to wait for them to make the next batch. I had time to walk to the post office and back and the sibling did some Pokemon-GO.

There's also a (what I call their) SOP (Standard Ordering Procedure), which still applies after all these years:
  • Place your order with who ever is helping them; don't order with the uncle (too busy cooking) or auntie (too busy bussing dirty bowls, etc). If you have any specifics, mention it (there's a RM1 egg surcharge) now. 
  • Your order's acknowledged and on the way when the auntie brings you your saucer of soy sauce with bird's eye chilli and chopsticks. 
  • You wait. 
  • Pay the auntie and enjoy! (But also, stir a bit before you dig in to get the full flavour)
Because of inflation, prices are also pretty up there (RM7.50 for small; RM8.50 for large) these days, but the portions of meat, spare parts and flavour of the broth is worth it. If (like me) you only have it once a year or less, just shut up and pay for it.