Saturday, 24 December 2016

Ngam, 1 Utama

Finally found an excuse to go to Ngam for lunch. I imagine the foot traffic there on the weekends is a little slow unless you intentionally go there. It's not along the usual foot traffic path.

Ordered the regular sized tom yam noodles (RM14) and also (of course) a cha yen (RM8) to wash everything down. 

Apparently regular sized means you only get ONE prawn (okay, there's also squid slices and rings, oyster mushroom, etc). If nothing else, I give them props for de-veining the prawns, but I still had to get my fingers dirty to peel the shell (I haven't mastered peeling prawns with chopstick and soup spoon and I'm not one for eating the prawn whole). There's also a boiled egg with a slightly runny yolk. 

Because there's cream in it, it's still spicy but not blow one's head off spicy. I only used two serviettes for my runny nose. 

That said, I would definitely go back again to try some of the menu items in the future..