Monday, 26 December 2016

Mr Tuk Tuk, Sunway Pyramid

Decided to have lunch at Mr Tuk Tuk in Sunway Pyramid (across from Cold Storage) after last week's movie because had been meaning to try it out. Managed to get a table despite the lunch rush. 

Unfortunately, I was still full from breakfast and every thing else seemed pretty heavy, so I settled for the white tom yam soup instead. Also, it would be too messy for me to try out the tom yam, so I didn't order that.

A garnish I don't see every day - starfruit 😑
The soup was too tangy for me, but otherwise I don't hate it. Also packed a punch.

Friend ordered the set meal which looked like it was worth RM23 (rice, two dishes, also came with a cha yen), but it would be a lot for me had I ordered it. You need to be all sorts of hungry to order that. 

Would have to go back again to try the other menu items.