Saturday, 10 December 2016

First Impressions: Sunway Velocity Mall

Decided to go check out Sunway Velocity Mall around 3 in the afternoon on a lark. Luckily the sibling decided to tag along, or I would have to drive myself there. Waze directions were alright.

Traffic going there was not great, which I wasn't sure was because everyone wants to check out the new mall (what with it being the school holidays and the long weekend, etc), or the construction happening on that stretch of road, or both. It's also up the road from the Taman Maluri standalone AEON mall. 

Anyway, as it is with Sunway-owned malls, the parking lot was a bit messy. Also free, at the moment. Got the parking ticket as a souvenir 😛

For a mall that's only been open a couple of days, it's about 70, 80% occupied so it wasn't a complete waste of time. But it's also crowded like nuts. There's an AEON MaxValu Prime (quite a mouthful of a name) which is like how Cold Storage is a step above Giant..? Shop selection wise was a bit bog standard, so while we walked around we mostly went into stores we hadn't been into before, like the standalone Remax store (a Chinese-made phone accessories brand) and what not. 

There were also a bunch of F&B outlets neither of us had seen before, like Doutor Coffee. So before we left, we stopped for drinks there. The honey cafe latte I had was not bad - I think it's just a normal latte with a honey drizzle on top, but I liked it more than I would a normal latte. 

I dunno how long the free parking lasts, but if you have some time on your hands this long weekend...