Saturday, 3 December 2016

Bosch Year End Bargain, The School, Jaya One

Another Saturday, another warehouse sale. This year, Bosch wised up and decided to have their warehouse sale next door in the climate controlled The School in Jaya One instead of their outdoor parking lot, like they did last year. 

Only got there around 10 something as neither of us were looking to get the big ticket items, so we only waltzed in and didn't have to line up to get in. 

Fortunately, there were plenty of wipers when we were there. All you have to do is to tell them the make and model of your car and you'll get the right ones before you finish your sentence. (We also actually measured the wipers beforehand and the measurements tallied). The people who didn't know their wiper measurements or what car they drive (there was an auntie who wasn't sure about her car's wiper measurement) were a waste of time and space.

When it was time to pay and GTFO, we were asked if we were paying by cash or card. A cute guy led us to the end of the cash payment queue since all the lines made it damn confusing. 

Credit card payment line on the left.
Line on the right? Product testing 😖

So close, yet so far... yep, this the card payment queue.
You would think that things would go along faster when you pay cash. Nope. Between people paying cash for the power tools (props to the uncle who must've brought a BUTTLOAD of cash), people borong-ing windscreen wipers like they were going out of style (with prices starting from RM5 and average about RM15 for new-ish looking ones, they were not terribly expensive) AND the POS crashing (just a guess), we were in line at least half an hour. I can only imagine how long the credit card payment must've taken. 

Cash lane was also slow

What happened to the kid?! Don't tell me the stroller was just for the stuff...
Didn't go nuts and bought just a set of wipers to swap out later. No point hoarding the stuff. 

By the time we were done, we had time to check out the local Star Wars fan club event happening downstairs and had an early lunch at the newly opened Old Siam before going home.