Saturday, 31 December 2016

2016 Roundup

2016 was rough. Not just for me, but also what seems like the entire planet in general, between the Brexit vote and Trump being president elect... Also, so many famous people passed, so next year's In Memoriam reel at the award shows is gonna be super long... unless they left some people out. Which I know might happen. 
  • Weather for the most part was hot as balls. 
  • Also under the weather for what felt like a better part of 2016. 
  • Whoda thought Michael Weatherly would finally leave NCIS to play a version of Dr Phil?
  • The predominantly white shows (NCIS and Criminal Minds) after all these years, decided to diverse-ify by casting Latinas and Latinos. Coincidence, I think not. 
  • Netflix's streaming service is finally available in this side of the world. 
  • Anyone still remembered the ostrich that ran on the Federal Highway? 
  • Goodbye, old home phone number.
  • First domestic flight in donkey years.
  • Halal airline disappeared as fast as it appeared, haha. 
  • Saw Ed Alonzo.
  • Saw Fluffy in June.
  • AEON pulling the plug on their no expiry date gift vouchers.
  • Finally tried TWG macarons. 
  • Got a ticket to see Coldplay next year!! 
  • MRT is finally a thing this year. But whether people will still ride it once the free ride trial is over is another issue. 
  • One wedding a year quota - met.
  • A lot of nasty auntie/makcik encounters this year - I need a mandi bunga.
  • Radiohead finally put a new album out this past year. 
I have a feeling 2017 might be about the same or worse.
Happy New Year!