Sunday, 20 November 2016

Week 47, 2016

After months of sweating balls off, monsoon season starts again.
  • First they announced that Coldplay would be adding Asia to their touring dates and would be in Singapore next April Fools' Day 👀

    Mad dash for tickets ensued when the ticket sales was opened to Citibank card holders (Singapore-issued ones only) on Thursday, causing the site to be overwhelmed. That allocation sold out in under an hour, but the rest of the seating will still be available for newsletter subscribers on Sunday (it also sold out quickly, I just found out) and the hoi polloi on Monday (not just online, but also at physical outlets).
  • Hermo is bringing in NYX, and from the preview it appears that they might be carrying items that even Sephora doesn't sell anymore, like the under-RM50 pressed powder I was using. SMD, Sephora. 
  • BERSIH rally was on Saturday. 
  • Another entry for "Stupid Things Malaysian Politicians Say" - someone (won't say who) suggested that malls close at 8 p.m. Good the fuck luck with that. 😠
  • About time Blogger made it possible for people to insert emoji and symbols... sure took long enough. 😒
  • I wouldn't mind backing the new Ostrichpillow product, but $16 shipping to Malaysia is a bit much. 
  • MRT fare schedule is revealed.
  • Cashed in on the free Nando's meal. 
  • Caught a play over the weekend.