Sunday, 6 November 2016

Week 45, 2016

  • Gahmen hospital ENT clinic visit this past week.
  • Which made me postpone watching Doctor Strange for a couple of days, because I'm cheap and still refuse to pay 2 digits for a movie.
  • FJ Benjamin warehouse sale this year was underwhelming, but great for the wallet :P
  • Coldplay might be playing Singapore early next year...? If it was true, I'm hoping it happens at least before my friend there has to give birth to her second kid, haha. First quarter of 2017 is really vague. I know for sure it can't be December because they already have gigs in both Australia and NZ lined up, which leaves January until April. 
  • Found and tried the oat noodle Maggi Goreng. Doesn't taste any different (just firmer) from regular wheat flour Maggi, but it definitely cost more than usual (RM7 for a packet of four).
  • OMG Good Eats is coming back?! 
  • Fuel prices up 15 cents per litre all around for the month. 
  • RM900 for wireless ear buds is just too damn high.