Thursday, 24 November 2016

Inside Scoop's 3rd Anniversary RM3 scoops

As much as I enjoy going to my local Inside Scoop (especially the swings), but RM8 (RM9.50 if you have premo taste) a scoop is not for daily consumption.

To celebrate the third anniversary milestone, they have an ongoing ice cream eating contest. But if you're not into that it's fine because for 11 days at a different outlet every day, they're selling single scoops of their ice cream for RM3. 

They kicked off this promo (which shrewdly starts at 7 p.m.) at my local outlet, the Damansara Jaya outlet last Thursday. Drove there with the sibling and parked around the corner as the traffic and the double parking got pretty bad (the lengths you go to for cheap ice cream, I tell you), and this was before 8 p.m. You can't blame the neighbouring dim sum shop for the bad traffic. 

The line wasn't too bad when we joined in, and it moved pretty quickly. Obviously the students beat the working adults to it and were enjoying their ice cream outside. To be fair, we were probably in line 10, 15 minutes before we finally got our ice creams. And because a lot of people opted to have it to go, you could also hang out inside for a while... until the ice cream eating contest at 8.30 p.m. We left before that happened. 

The T&C as far as we know are that: it's really one scoop per person, so you can't go nuts and get more than that; the premium flavours (Valrhona choc, durian flavour, etc) are also RM3, which is great if you have expensive taste or just wanted a premium flavour for RM3 :P 

Luckily for everyone, I'm not hard up/rajin enough to go to a different outlet every day for ice cream, and it's coming back around again the week after next, so yay...