Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

I have a copy of the Fantastic Beasts book for years (first time in over a decade I've picked it up again) and I remember it being a really thin book; perhaps thinner than Tolkien's The Hobbit. So to make a movie out of this is just baffling enough a concept to get people to watch? 
  • I can see why Eddie Redmayne was a shoo-in as Newt (he didn't even have to audition): he is just the right amount of awkward. 
  • I can't help but feel that the line about the Americans being stricter about mixing with No-Majs is JK Rowling's dig at America.
  • Dan Fogler as No-Maj Kowalski is the designated comic relief/audience proxy was hilarious 😂
  • Did anyone notice the A Streetcar Named Desire reference? 
  • If you thought the term Muggle was childish or whimsical, No-Maj (the American term) is a little rough on the ear. So was MACUSA, by the way. Typical Americans. 
  • I thought wizards in this universe can Apparate and Disapparate over long distances or something; why did he have to take the ship across the ocean? Oh right - you need to be able to imagine your actual destination and it's a bit hard if you've never been...
  • Yay, Dumbledore! I wonder if they have to find someone younger than Gambon then..?
  • In the book, it said he graduated Hogwarts; according to the movie, he was expelled. WHICH IS IT?!
  • Newt's suitcase is impressive as heck and is like the TARDIS. 
  • If I was Ezra Miller's character and I had that haircut, I'd be depressed too. 
  • Colin Farrell is one creepy dude in this movie; some could say a bit the pervy predatorial. 
  • Kinda wondered why made Newt think to use the Revelio spell? 
  • If I hadn't already read the news about that bit of casting news last week, I probably would've been more surprised at the grand reveal. 
Seriously, I don't know how they're gonna make FIVE movies out of this, since I read someplace that Newt might not even be in all of them.