Sunday, 9 October 2016

Week 42, 2016

If there's such a thing as a post post nasal drip, I've probably got it. The only thing that seems to work is the so-called "first generation" antihistamines, the catch is that drowsiness is a side effect. 
  • A couple of places that still have the Hershey soft serve: Sunway Pyramid and 1U.
  • Gone to three different Sephora outlets over the span of two days just because there's a Black Card members' sale. The only one that's given me samples at purchase was the lovely cashier at the Pyramid outlet. 
  • Took Friday off because I have at least a couple weeks' worth of annual leave that's not used up yet (and also, am too broke to travel someplace for longer) and also to finally send the car for servicing. The bad news is that there's some leaks in the engine (or something that's been happening for the last 18 months or longer) and they would have to keep it there until Wednesday. 
  • Saw my first play this quarter: the local production of Julia Cho's The Language Archive. (aka my annual quota of legitimate gawking of Gavin Yap)
  • Finally checked out the recently opened Old Navy store. Colour me not that impressed. But I'll still wait for a sale before actually buying anything.