Sunday, 2 October 2016

Week 41, 2016

Still suffering through post nasal drip and had to get some more antihistamines and cough syrup for the nocturnal coughing. 
  • So Brangie is dunzo... and so is the Schreiber/Watts pairing. 
  • International Coffee Day was this week. 
  • The RB warehouse sale was bananas - if you hadn't gone on Friday, you probably shouldn't bother going on Saturday and Sunday. 
  • Petrol price also gone up this month. 
  • The cheap haircut at Midvalley's AEON BIG also gone up to RM15 now... but it's still cheaper than most other places of its ilk. 
  • More TV reboot news: Dynasty is next, but they want to diversify it. 
  • I can't wait for the Golden Girls revival next :P
  • It's an old and long-running one, but rumour has it that Alex O' Loughlin is not planning on staying long term in Hawaii Five-0. But seriously, what is H50 without McGarrett?