Sunday, 16 October 2016

The Accountant

I did something I haven't done in a long time, if not ever: watch a movie on a Sunday. 

I have a free movie pass that's burning a hole in the wallet expiring the end of the month and I had to decide what movie to use it on whenever, and which is to pay to watch. It was between Inferno, or (of all things) The Accountant. Since I don't know if the latter will have Wednesday screenings, I paid the early bird ticket to watch The Accountant. And I don't care about Ben Affleck.

He plays accountant by day, underworld forensic accountant by night thanks to his math savant-ness. He also has self defence skills that would remind people of Batman (because his character's dad was a single parent in military PsyOps who insisted his kids learn how to defend themselves). 
  • Very shrewd of JK Simmons to resort to blackmail :P 
  • If anyone else was wondering why Jon Bernthal's character had to do with the rest of the movie... just hang on. 
  • I don't get why he was in prison...? Please enlighten me if you know. 
  • You kinda have to feel bad for the receptionist at ZZZ Accounting when that ID was compromised :P
  • I think I was the only one hoping that Anna Kendrick's bag (when she was getting attacked) was a Kate Spade bag.. :P 
  • Did anyone else guessed that Jon Lithgow was gonna be the bad guy? Whoda thought that the guy's one "legit" client also turned out to be so skeezy.
  • If Justine was really The Voice, it would make a buttload of sense to have such a canggih computer. 
  • I'm surprised that JK Simmons survived AT ALL. 
  • Dunno whether to laugh or feel bad for Medina, who now has to take over her boss's other "job" responding to The Voice's calls hahahaha....
  • If "Christian Wolff" was an alias, then we also never knew his real name... shrewd.
The way the ending was written was clearly sequel/franchise bait.

The Accountant: if Batman was an autistic math savant. It's okay if you're looking for something different to watch?