Monday, 10 October 2016

Sephora SEA's New Beauty Pass

I just got the email about Sephora's new Beauty Pass programme and I. AM. ANGRY. 

At least in this revision of the programme they specify a minimum dollar (or RM) spend in order to level up and not some weird math problem with points you have to solve to get there. 

Here's the highlights: 
  1. If you start as a White Card holder: Instead of RM750, you would now need to spend RM900 to level up to Black Card.
  2. Black Card holders are not spared: If you don't spend RM900 within a year to requalify, you get levelled back down to White Card. RM900/12 = RM75 a month.
  3. You get Gold Card status if you spend RM4,500 and get to stay there if you spend the same amount in one year to requalify. RM4,500/12 = RM375 a month.
But for people like me who grandfathered into Black Card status from way back but also don't spend all that much unless there's a sale or some multiple point thing, this is just too damn much. The only perks I've enjoyed is the freebies (in the email fine print), odd event and sale. I would rather get something for cheaper than to buy more for the sake of the PWP gift (which are mostly just deluxe-sized samples you could get through other means). RM900 in one calendar year is feasible, I suppose, but it also depends on what you normally buy from there. 

I'll be darned when this launches I'll get Gold Card status (even for a while, but I highly doubt it). (It says that members who've spent a cumulative RM4,500 between 1 Oct 2015 until 15th Oct 2016 will get Gold status when it launches on the 24th). But even if that happens I can't keep up. The only difference between the Gold and Black status is the complimentary custom makeover (which is great if you've got events to go to?), special event access and EARLY ACCESS to the private sale, which any kiasu can appreciate. 

To be fair, the prices there aren't that cheap to begin with, but I imagine it won't be hard or take that long to level up if you really want to.

Am I still mad about this? Heck yeah, I am. No, you are NOT taking my money unless I want you to.

If nothing else, at least the Sephora personal shoppers now have some motivation for their side gig while not entirely spending their own money.