Saturday, 29 October 2016

Restoran Rebung Chef Ismail, Jalan Tanglin - Lunch Buffet

I've heard of Chef Ismail's Rebung restaurant over the years, but had never been when it was in Bangsar. That changed this week when the office went to the relocated Rebung (now in a parking garage on Jalan Tanglin in Lake Gardens) for the buffet lunch on someone else's dime. In case anyone's curious, parking was RM3 per entry, which is not bad but if you have a wider car (like say a Camry), you might find the ramps to go up and down a little tight.

Decor is on the home-y side (if you check the website, the video tour of place autoplays and on a loop unless you pause it), like stepping into someone's house. 

For RM40 a head (RM50 if it's dinner, which I heard is not a bad deal also; no idea if there's a half off thing for kids), you get all sorts (and I mean ALL SORTS - there's also an ulam station) of Malay dishes you know and are familiar with, and others not so familiar....I thought it was just the inside, I didn't know about the other stations OUTSIDE for the more freshly made items like popiah basah, roti jala, DIY ais kacang station, noodle station, grill and fry stations (ikan bakar, cucur and pisang goreng). 

There was a buttload of dishes for RM40, some I know by sight but not by name. I only managed a couple portions of the stingray dishes, like the asam pedas and the pari bakar at the grill station outside (mmm, mmm, pari). I didn't get to try/sample/taste some other things I didn't have the stomach space for. The only underwhelming part was the drinks selection, which was kopi-o, teh-o and ros sirap, which if you want your drinks creamier (kopi, teh or sirap bandung), you can just use the evaporated creamer intended for the cendol/ais kacang, hahaha... 

I wasn't too familiar with some of the desserts at the dessert station and because I asked out loud, other patrons explained what they were to me. Thanks, random strangers. 

If you didn't get a picture with Chef Ismail himself , there's always this...?
(word is that he'll take pictures with you whenever he's there)

Had no idea what this was at first or how it's taken, but I was told it's some pulut pengat dish...?
The pots are banana, durian and red bean..?

Bite sized dessert section

All the spicy and lemak dishes..

I'm not one for the yellow and green lemak dishes personally.

Scoop your own portion of dodol - I let a dollop fly and hit the floor.
I can only imagine making dodol this way every day and who's job this was.
It's not a bad deal for the price paid, I thought but you need some rice with the spicy dishes and carbs are a no-no in buffet dining. I wouldn't mind going back personally, but it depends on the company...