Saturday, 1 October 2016

Reckitt Benckiser Warehouse Sale, Jaya One

News of the RB (Reckitt Benckiser - they own a buttload of familiar brands) warehouse sale showed up on FB a week or two ago, but when they put up pictures (more importantly, PRICES) of what's on offer to whet people's appetite. 

Snuck over there with the sibling before noon on Friday and it was still not so bad - there was no line going in, but the serpentine payment line was bananas. And I forgot the ONE THING to do at a sale like this: start lining up to pay as soon as you get there, and just take turns to shop. This is the one warehouse sale you DO NOT go by yourself. 

I also feel terrible about not going earlier (because, work) because the Scholl foot powder (that the sibling uses) was already all gone, presumably borong-ed by some overzealous auntie(s) with smelly feet or something.

First mistake on their part: Not having enough cashiers. They only have a measly FIVE cashier counters to serve what was probably HUNDREDS of people lugging a buttload of product.

Second mistake: Not putting a hard limit on the number of product per person. I'm pretty sure some people borong-ed to sell to other people for market price and other items got cleaned out. 

We were in line so long (probably an hour? I would just make myself angry if I had kept track of time) we could even tag each other in and out of line while one of us went to get their own lunch. I just got myself a salad to go from nearby ChimiChurri and finished it while still in line, while the sibling just went to Wendy's for lunch. I almost wanted to do the Bart Simpson chokehold when the cashier asked how long I was in line for. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who felt that way. 

Of course we did the due dilligence and called the mother to ask what she wanted from the sale (showed her the pictures of what's available online beforehand), and it's mostly cleaning supplies, etc. We also got some cleaning supplies for the office just because.

I personally only got a few Scholl items and a couple of the kid-sized Dettol haze masks, the sibling got himself a couple boxes of the Dettol brand haze masks (sadly, doesn't smell of Dettol, haha) and wipes. There could've been a bigger hole in the wallet if some things weren't sold out, but oh well. 

It was just as well we went on Friday, because based on the complaints and pictures from today (Saturday), it's probably not worth going as there's a long line just to go in, let alone Sunday.