Friday, 14 October 2016

Malaya Optical, Damansara Utama

After months of stalking the place (they were pretty nice and polite for all those times I was just browsing), I finally went to Malaya Optical (the one in Damansara Utama) to replace the broken lens. 

It was also my own dumb fault for going there about an hour before they're closed for the long Merdeka weekend (I also wanted to see if I could use a coupon I had). You can't just change ONE LENS (was told as much), and the prescription of those glasses were years old, which meant I needed to get my eyes checked anyway for a more current prescription. 

I was also too cheap to get new frames as the ones I got were still fine (that said, they were RM600 something when I first got them over a decade ago, so the cost per wear is practically negative now). 

What I didn't expect was the wait to use the examination room was gonna be quite so long. The boss was there and he was gracious enough to let me go ahead of a couple of ladies who were still shopping for frames. I know I haven't done an eye exam in a few years; if nothing else, the eye exam was thorough and took what felt like forever in a darkened room after a long day. I was also a little tired, which could also skew the results some. 

Long story short: the myopia's down (really?!) but the astigmatism's gone up. Erm, okay then. 

Another long story short: Didn't use the coupon. Went with the cheapest lenses they got (the "in house" brand) because I don't wear glasses all that much unless I'm at the movies, theatre, etc and don't exactly need them to see the rest of the time. 

After I paid, I was told that I would get a notification through WhatsApp about collection, which was pretty canggih, IMO. I dunno whether to laugh or cry that it took them a while to find my glasses because they were looking by the wrong name, and that they didn't ask. At least the screws were straightened (they were wonky before) and used the original nose pads, so no complaints.

I wouldn't mind the lenses just a touch larger, but oh well.
Would I recommend? Sure, why not.