Tuesday, 18 October 2016


It was a matter of time before they made Inferno the movie, never mind that they skipped over The Lost Symbol. (Just as well - same shit, different secret organisation) 

I hadn't thought about the book itself since I read it when it first came out three years ago through other means, but I enjoyed it for what it was - something you read once and don't think about anymore until they announce the big screen adaptation.

Used the free movie ticket but because it's a "blockbuster" (it's coming out Stateside on the 28th, so it's not even on RunPee the app yet), I had to pay a RM5 surcharge. (This is one of the things I hate about TGV). Perhaps I should've gone on Wednesday, but to be fair, I would have no reason to go to the movies on other days... 

If you've read the book, you would notice that they've taken A LOT of creative license in this movie, which I can understand because the last third of the book was a bit erm, potong stim.
  • While I did wonder who was gonna be Sienna for a hot second but Felicity Jones? (We'll be seeing a lot of her in the coming months)
  • Making Sinskey the Beatrice to his Dante was better than it was in the book. And also gave Tom Hanks a more age appropriate love interest than Sienna? 
  • Speaking of Sienna, I want to know the brand of the trench coat she was wearing in this movie (the short jacket she's in the movie poster was misleading to say the least). One article says it's Ferragamo, which would make sense considering the location.
  • You really can't expect me to believe Tom Hanks and Ben Foster are the same size and build. 
  • Kesian Tom Hanks - the man keeps getting hit in the head in this movie. 
Movie was alright, but I mostly watch these movies because I know I'll probably never go to the places they're set in.

PS. My mistake - new Robert Langdon book is expected Sept 2017.