Sunday, 18 September 2016

Week 39, 2016

While people in the Southern Hemisphere complain about freezing their butts off, I'm sweating like I'm having a high fever, which might be true considering I'm having a bit of a flu this week. Still got a cough, which is also annoying on so many levels. 

If nothing else, this week was a short work week, with Hari Raya Haji on Monday and Malaysia Day on Friday. Great if you took the three days off, but not so much if you decided to cuti-cuti Malaysia cos everyone else had the same idea and all the touristy places are full of people (as my mum would attest, when she went to Malacca with some of her relatives)... 
  • Who knew one can cough so hard it could cause back pain?! 
  • Didn't get anything to read from this year's Popular RM5 Fiesta. Also swung by Amcorp Mall just because.
  • UberKUCING promo was adorable. 
  • Went to Ampang Point on Friday... just to use up a coupon. Also checked out Pattisez in Bangsar, but not to order the milkshakes :P 
  • Project Runway and Blindspot is back! Yay!