Sunday, 11 September 2016

Week 38, 2016 - Three day weekend!

It's both a long weekend (Hari Raya Haji) and also a week long school holiday. Therefore, the mass exodus has started and some people have already taken the next week off, as next weekend is also another 3 day weekend. 
  • I dunno if six hour work day for civil servants is gonna help anyone else out... 
  • Dr Jason is getting his butt kicked in the popularity vote by a certain Godfather of Malaysian comedy (who was shrewd enough to use his kids aka cute factor to get people's votes) in Laugh Factory's Funniest Person in the World Contest. Check out who else is in the running here
  • I dunno what took them so long to finally come out with The Beatles Moleskine collection... 
  • LRT break down this week brought a lot of business to cars and ridesharing apps. I dunno if them giving away free rides next Tuesday to Thursday is gonna help things if a lot of people aren't gonna be in town.. 
  • Two gold medals for Malaysia in the Paralympic games. 
  • Checked out Cooler Lumpur Festival.
  • Sold my old phone pretty quickly on Carousell on Friday night - under 90 minutes. Couldn't keep the proceeds though cos had to start paying the sibling back for getting the new phone for me (which I would not get on my own but would rather kvetch about it). Which he then used to get his car the nano mist and two layer polish treatments done :P 
Me? I'm finally cashing in on a massage Groupon to end the Sunday. (SS2 on Mondays is never a good idea unless you 're looking to go to the pasar malam).