Saturday, 3 September 2016

Wedding dinner at Peninsula Chinese Cuisine, Evolve Concept Mall

I don't know how I made it this far, but my "one wedding a year" quota was finally filled - another collegemate back to do the local wedding reception after getting married in the States not too long ago. 

The only good thing about Evolve is the free parking, so I can't complain about that. I also didn't have far to travel :P

Bumped into another collegemate I hadn't seen since graduation and had no idea was back (To be fair, she's been off Facebook for years) in the lift up and kept each other company until other people we knew showed up. For some reason or another, the collegemates (six of us) were split between two tables, the rest of both tables were mostly the bride's mother's friends/or colleagues, which confused the heck out of us. I'm guessing they didn't want to split up the elderly couples...? Dunno lah

Between the late lunch and the two portions of fruit and veg I was trying to squeeze in before I left, at least I didn't have to deal with hanger (or get drunk from two glasses of red wine :P). As we were tucking into the first course/appropriately sized appetiser course, I only just realised that between the mum's friends and/or colleagues and the other two people at my table who showed up, I was (for the first time in a long while) the youngest person at our table. Luckily I wasn't tasked with doing things the youngest person sometimes do at these things, like "finish it lah, you still young mah" BS :P

Food was edible for the most part, even if some people (won't say who) felt the portions were a bit small (less food wastage, I call it). Was a bit baffled by the fish lips, but I guess it's more PC than shark's fin...? Funnily enough, the steamed fish still had its lips, so where did the lips in the soup came from...? :/

Heard rave reviews of the mantou, but I would just have to take their word for it cos I never had one.
I pretty much didn't eat the last two pre-dessert dishes, mostly because I never eat the carb/starch course at these things (personal rule), and because of the smell from both the stuffed cabbage dish (the combination of the cooked-to-death cabbage, lap cheong, etc) and the wilted lotus leaf made me lose my appetite a little. Dessert was okay, even though I'm not one for red bean mua chi

And then there was the karaoke.... the bride's brother did a decent rendition of Lee Hom songs, but it went downhill after that when the uncles and aunties went up to sing more old Chinese songs you only ever hear but no idea what they are or who they're from. Also didn't help that we were only a few feet away from the speakers.