Thursday, 15 September 2016

Thai Best by Reborn, SS2 [Groupon MY]

I saw this place converted from a Reborn (Chinese-style massage) to a Thai Best (Thai massage) in SS2 months ago, but had no real reason to go until there was a Groupon deal. It was a similar deal with the Chinese style one, and I went with the after 8 pm. and weekends deal, which was pricier but again, would rather have the flexibility. 

Finally cashed it in on Sunday night because Monday would be out of the question (if you're a native, you'd know why). Made the appointment the day before and was a tad too early (found parking pretty quickly, which is a small miracle in SS2). I got the confirmation call as I was walking there and killed some time (10 minutes tops) walking around before finally walking in. 

Of course I got asked what massage I wanted and knowing what Thai massage entails, I chickened and went with the 4-in-1. So I was brought to the foot washing area... 

The masseuse I got knew some Cantonese, which is great if my Cantonese was any better. I don't know if I got the actual 4-in-1 massage, or just the foot massage (which in some places also include some back and shoulder massage), but one hour just to massage from the knees down was a tad excessive for me. If nothing else, the techniques used was pretty interesting (at least to me, I don't know about the foot massage connoisseurs out there): she only used her knuckles (instead of a pointy tool) for the pressure points. 

There wasn't much of a sound barrier between the reception and the foot massage area, which I didn't mind that much if not for this uncle who spoke with a raised tone of voice about something or another. 

Was it painful? Some, but I was (as I usually am) very ticklish, which is why I don't really do foot massages.   

The foot washing area is just behind that wall

Happy hour promo, if you got nothing better to do on a weekday...
(If I have to guess what the T&Cs are)
I don't mind going back to try some of the other treatments, but see lah how my wallet would take it first :P