Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Reborn, SS2 [Groupon MY]

[This was a few weeks ago...]

I've been wanting to try out the new SS2 Reborn place for awhile now, but I don't really want to pay full price or have the time to go during their happy hour (which I think there is, I could be wrong). So when there was a Groupon deal some weeks ago, I jumped in on it.

Mon - Fri (8pm – 1am) / Sat - Sun (all-day)
  • Package for 1 person for RM95 instead of RM110
  • Package for 2 people for RM180 instead of RM220

90-minute package includes

  • Choose 1: 
    Tui Na therapeutic massage 
    - 4-in-1 massage 
    - Authentic foot reflexology

Paid a little more for the flexibility in timing. The only snag is the (minimum) day's notice. Which is fair, I guess. Because the Thai one (Thai Best by Reborn) are also on Groupon simultaneously, I got asked if my Groupon was for theirs or the Thai one as people have confused them before. (The Thai Best in SS2 is also not too far away)

It was when I finally made my way there, they only asked if I wanted foot or body massage. I went with the body massage only because I don't think I could stand a 90 minute foot massage :P 

Got lead to a room upstairs, got changed, and... the massage was not terribly painful (which is what I associate Chinese massage with) or torturous. 

It was all fun and games, until my glasses hit their hard tile floor and one of the lenses broke (a story for another time). 

I don't mind going back again, I guess. But whether got spare change is another matter...