Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Ilham Nasi Kukus, Jalan 222

As it is with Kota Damansara food phenoms, Ilham Nasi Kukus decided to open a PJ outlet for those of us who can't be arsed to travel to Kota Damansara. This particular one is located across the road from the standalone Maybank in the area, away from Jalan PP Narayanan. 

We were there pretty early (between 12-1 p.m.) on a Friday afternoon, and there wasn't a line. So we didn't wait long to get our food and pick out which part of the chicken we wanted. You just order the "biasa" (I have no idea what non "biasa" was), where the guy just scoops three different curries/gravy/pineapple acar into the prepacked rice - there's no plates - plops the chosen chicken piece on top and ties it all up. You then head to the cashier to pay as well as make your drink order. You might need something to wash everything down with. 

You don't have to worry about the price - it's RM6 a pack. If you want some crunch, the fish keropok is extra. 

By the time we sat, there were groups of people just coming in, so we were both early and lucky. 

Used the front facing camera on the phone for this and had to crop the top of my head out

It was fine I guess, but I don't know about going back again. I don't mind the occasional nasi kukus, but as a non fan tong, it's a lot of rice to finish in one sitting. Chicken was pretty good, though. 

Jalan 51A/227A