Friday, 12 August 2016

So I finally tried Watsons Malaysia online shopping

Because of a coupon code, naturally. And I needed to get something that I didn't want to spend too much money on. 

Thankfully, there's the Click & Collect option: you pay for the item online, and select which physical Watsons store you want to collect your order from at check out. Which is great if you already don't qualify for free shipping (RM150 minimum and first 3kg, I think) and if you live near a store (or more). You get follow up emails and text messages when said order is ready for pick up. 

You just show them the last text and also your actual IC when you get to the store to pick up your order. You also have to sign saying that you collected your order.

When I tried this at the 1U store, it took them perhaps a tad too long to find my order in the back room because of name issues (first name, last name conventions), which I can let slide.