Sunday, 31 July 2016

Week 32, 2016

  • McD's is bringing back the chocolate soft serve for a limited time (albeit at RM2.50 each, not as cheap as the RM1 vanilla cone). So if you're like me, who remembered it from their childhood, you better get it on it while you still can. 
  • Actual Apple store opening in Singapore later in the year, obviously on Orchard Road. 
  • I don't understand the current passport shortage....? 
  • Neighbour had his Raya open house right outside on the basketball court outside the house. late Saturday afternoon. Couldn't say no to going. The only problem with having dinner around 5 something is being peckish around 9 something and had to cook Maggi :P
  • Comedy Central lawyers put the kibosh on Colbert using his Colbert Report persona/bits (yep, The Word is no more) on CBS, so Colbert had to make another one for his use on CBS. 
  • MT Expo has finally landed in KL... bringing together washi tape addicts everywhere, including yours truly. Thankfully because Times Bookstore is handling the sales and payment, you can swipe your card and grow your washi tape collection :P