Sunday, 24 July 2016

Week 31, 2016

Rain this week, the cool weather beats waking up hot, sweaty and grumpy.
  • I suppose it makes sense for Prentiss to come back to the BAU (albeit in guest star capacity), given what the next season is going to be about. 
  • Parking in downtown KL is now up 150% - first hour parking in some places is now RM2 compared to cents per hour before. People are pissed, but it's mostly people who work in the area who otherwise have no access to public transport. 
  • Between the RNC and SDCC, I rather hear SDCC news. 
  • I wonder how heavy a bamboo wife is... 
  • Saw Ghostbusters.
  • Grandmother's (flexible) birthday BBQ on Saturday.
  • Met up with the collegemates on Sunday.