Sunday, 10 July 2016

Week 29, 2016 - Long Raya weekend

Because Raya was on Wednesday and Thursday this week, civil servants got Friday off, giving them a five day weekend (if they hadn't already taken Monday and Tuesday off too). And also some private companies too. If you got a five day weekend - I hope you had fun.

Just my luck that Raya is on the same week as 4th of July - there's nothing new on TV. Had to resort to watching shows I otherwise would not have time to watch... like Drunk History or Unwrapped 2.0.
  • I should go to Bookfest Malaysia on a weeknight more if I knew it was going to be less chaotic and crowded than on weekends or public holiday (it's always around a school and/or public holiday). The Raya exodus helped in that it didn't take me that long to drive to KLCC on a weeknight.
  • Won a box of assorted tarts from Ling's Kitchen (who make lovely dessert tarts). 
  • Went to Pyramid one of the days of Raya, and went to Midvalley on Friday. Yep, I was one of those people who's work closed on Friday. 
  • Some study claimed that eating pasta doesn't make you fat, so keep calm and eat pasta? :P
  • Thought Raya was a good time to get things like pillows and quilts cleaned at the local coin laundry. Went again a couple days later when Mum wanted the sofa covers clean and boy, dragging those things myself is a pain in the bottom.