Thursday, 14 July 2016

Our Kind of Traitor

It's Skarsgård vs. Skarsgård as The Legend of Tarzan (starring Alexander) is in some cineplexes and markets against a big screen adaptation of John le Carre's Our Kind of Traitor (with his father, Stellan). 

Why did I go see this smaller movie? Well because if I don't, there'll be more mindless movies than there are now. 

The only cineplex that's screening this movie near me was (surprisingly) Tropicana City Mall, but only at 8.30 p.m. I missed the early moments of this movie because I spazzed, forgot my wallet and had to go back to get it and come back again. I know, nyanyuk already.

The room wasn't exactly packed, but plenty of uncles and aunties there. There was an uncle in the same row who acts like he's never been in a cinema before - phone not on silent, commenting way too loudly at the screen, etc. 
  • I was mostly distracted by the hair in this movie - Ewan McGregor's floppy hair and Stellan Skarsgård's curly mane. 
  • Also... Peregrine "Perry" Makepeace? Finally a male character with a name more ridonkulous than any Bond Girl name ever. Don't get me started on his trying too hard to be the hip professor with the super casual wardrobe compared to Naomie Harris (who's character is a barrister/lawyer, so that kind of makes sense). 
  • Of course the party trick would come in handy later in the movie... 
  • Waitaminit, is that Damian Lewis's actual speaking voice? Also, the glasses are like, no bueno They look like auntie eyewear :P
  • Thankfully the cussing was left in, because there was a bunch of cuts which left me very the confused. 
  • For a bit there, I thought the guy playing the Prince was a bearded Jamie Dornan. 
  • Waahh... the French Alps. Very pretty. Also, ridiculously good cell reception :P 
I don't read John le Carre, so I'm not that invested in this movie, but must show support a little bit lah. There are worse ways to kill a couple of hours. Obviously not for the small children.