Friday, 1 July 2016

Hammam Spa, Bangsar Village II

Finally found an excuse to check out the original Hammam Spa in Bangsar Village II because they had a weekday-only Ramadan promo (don't know if they had it in Publika, but I would imagine so) on Friday night. The only snag was driving to Bangsar from PJ during rush hour and also the Ramadan bazaar there, making free street parking bays rarer than hen's teeth for that time of the week. Parked at the cheapest place I know: the parking lot underneath the dilapidated hawker centre, which is a bargain at RM1.50 an hour compared to either BV or BVII. 

Got there early enough for my appointment. Didn't get an actual Moroccan hammam lady this time, which was a tad disappointing. I don't know if people have complained about being completely naked, but the paper underwear stayed on for the hammam and was only disposed of in the end. The gommage was okay, but thought could be more, erm, productive (I did tell her to really go for it). My mistake was touching my face with my soap-covered hands, and as it turns out, I don't really have the patience when it comes to the body masque bit, which is a necessary evil considering how raw you would be after being scrubbed. 

The only comforting thing was the mint tea and baklava afterwards, before the massage. 

The massage was okay, but could be better. I think my massage got cut short because by the time I left, it was about 9.45 p.m. I get wanting to people to leave so you can close, but still... >.<

Wouldn't really want to come back again; I was treated better at Publika even though I mostly ever only went for the promos. 

Miscellaneous observations: 
  • It wasn't completely soundproof - I could hear someone in the wet area squealing like a cat getting bathed.