Thursday, 21 July 2016


I don't really remember much of the first two live action Ghostbusters movies, mostly because I was too young when they were first out in the cinemas, and on TV afterwards as reruns in the years since... I don't think I ever sat through an entire movie? I was also way too young when the first cartoon series was first on TV, but I was (sort of) the right age (?) for the last cartoon series, Extreme Ghostbusters (look it up), which I kinda enjoyed, but don't remember the end...? 

So when news got out about the all-lady reboot and the backlash from the misogynistic asshole trolls, I was (at most) like, "ehhh..." probably because I wasn't that all attached to Ghostbusters to begin with, or even thought about it much since Extreme Ghostbusters back in the day.

I choked up a little when I first saw the trailer for THIS Ghostbusters recently (again, I don't look for trailers online, I watch them in the cinema).
  • I'm sure it would be fun to watch in 3D and all, but no. 
  • The third act was probably the reason Chris Hemsworth agreed to play the himbo receptionist (and during the credits, haha). Even Janine was more competent than this one :P 
  • Got to say... nice to see a clean shaven Hemsworth speaking with his own accent.
  • Kate McKinnon - funniest thing ever. 
  • Sat next to this kid who was holding on to his parents for dear life. Another generation of kids traumatised by the Ghostbusters
  • Plenty of cameos to watch out for... that is if you're familiar with the SNL universe. But if you're not it's okay, because SNL wasn't really a thing outside the US anyway, so.. 
A fun and 3 8 movie to watch, just not for the under-12s.