Sunday, 26 June 2016

Week 27, 2016

Ever since Chickaboo last week, we now have all sorts of creatures running loose around the country. 

Weather update: Still hot as balls. To everyone who's complained about the heavy rain and subsequent flash floods, you're welcome. 
  • Monday was the annual "free parking in PJ" day aka day PJ got its city status. 
  • Saw Now You See Me 2 on Monday. 
  • Forgot Wednesday was a holiday. 
  • Wandered a bit in PJ's Old Town on Saturday.
  • Annual DKSH warehouse sale moved to Kelana Parklane this year. Which is great cos it's closer, AND I get to use the GRAB "long time no see" coupon codes.
  • The home phone number I've known for most of my life is now gone: my mum only just found out (and was livid) about the phone line that came with the Maxis internet package that the sibling didn't tell her about for the past year, and wanted to drag Dad (because it's in his name) to TM to cancel the phone line. But she had to settle with a signed letter of authority instead because he would rather sign that than to be dragged along. TM counter offered with RM10 a month, but nope. Dunno if I'll get the new number down pat, though. We also had to find an old TM phone (that we don't have anymore) to "return" and had to get one from the extended family.
  • One word: Brexit.