Sunday, 19 June 2016

Week 26, 2016

As I type this, it's pouring rain outside. Which I'm okay with if it means that I don't feel gross and sticky. 
  • Some light hearted news this week: runaway baby ostrich on the Federal Highway causes a stir online, spurring several ostrich-related Facebook marketing posts over the next few days after that. It could've ended badly... as in, she could've been burger or steak meat, but fortunately for everyone, it had a happy ending.
  • Being the only local late night talk show on TV (well, pay TV anyway), Obviously Harith Iskander got Chickaboo on the show this past weekend. You can watch the entire episode here (which featured some local football legends, but you can skip to the 10th minute) or a clip where she picks a EURO 2016 winner
  • Both NCIS and Criminal Minds have announced new regular cast members/new muscle. 
  • Caught MACC's new show on Wednesday. 
  • Miraculously remembered my old Ticketmaster login and while I do have said free ticket and discount codes (as part of their lawsuit settlement), but tough luck since I can't really use it being on this side of the planet :P 
  • Wasn't kiasu enough to line up 3, 4 hours for Sephora vouchers, but finally, a Sephora in the second home!! 
  • My Instagram erm, "hotted up" this past week when a couple of people called me out about one of my posts (I swear, there was no malice on my part, but see what you want to see), which is the most that's ever happened on Instagram for me. In case anyone is wondering which post the dispute was on, I already deleted the comments and blocked those individuals, but the post is still up (if you want to hear me kvetch, you're welcome to PM me, haha).