Sunday, 5 June 2016

Week 24, 2016

After months of bloody hot weather, we might now be hit with a year's worth of rain. Mother Nature is such a troll. 
  • What do you do when it's Memorial Day weekend and all the funny talk shows take the week off on top of no new dramas cos it's summer? Catch up on comedy specials that you've put on the "Watch Later" list months ago on the YouTube-s. 
  • Apparently they've just reached their Kickstarter goal to make the movie version of Lullaby...
  • I find out this week that Japanese style BAKED cheese tarts are now a thing...? 
  • Watching Blake Shelton eat sushi for the first time on TV is like making my dad eat what he calls "fusion" food (which is to say, anything else that's not Chinese food).
  • After they introduced the online version of vehicular registration and proof of ownership, we find out about that immigration sabotage scandal. And they wonder why some of us would rather have the pink vehicle registration cards in hand :P 
  • In local flavour news: McDonald's put out a cendol flavoured soft serve ice cream? 
  • Finally got to watch Potted Potter on Saturday evening, 10 years after its first staging in the UK :P 
  • So many years later, I finally get to jump in on the International Doughnut Day shenanigans, what with a Krispy Kreme near me... mmm, free glazed doughnut. 
  • Saw Gabriel Iglesias at Sunway Convention Centre on Sunday. Don't get me started on the parking.