Friday, 17 June 2016

Sephora 1U opening

Took the rare day off from work to check out the Sephora opening in the second home.

By the time I got there from the Kelana Jaya post office (to send something off to a Carousell buyer) around 10 something, this was what I saw. 

Fuck this, I'm out :P
All 150 vouchers were already gone. The guys minding the line were nice enough to tell us "latecomers" not to bother getting in line, and maybe to come back later when the store is actually open. Apparently the line started as early as 7 or 8 am (depending on who you asked), so the rest of us memang had no shot anyway. I'm guessing half the people in line had been up since sahur, and thought might as well go line up for a few hours :P One or two hours I don't mind, but 3, 4 hours is a really pushing it for me, personally. 

So I buggered off and because it was still early, I had a go at the Ramadan breakfast special that's got a piece of grilled chicken (which I suspect is just a piece of GCB patty), which I kind of like more than their regular breakfast set options. 

While nursing my McAffogato (you get a complimentary vanilla ice cream cone when you pay for anything over RM10 with your debit card, that I dumped it into my coffee), I glimpsed at the front of the line, and... it's Freebie Auntie (the lady in the middle, in pink), who I always see when free stuff is involved. Aiyah, old people sure early one lah :P 

Freebie Auntie and her grey-haired posse.
Seriously, what are those apeks gonna do with the RM100 vouchers ANYWAY?!
I not kiasu enough this time :P
I was also too late to catch a morning movie, so I finally deigned to brave the hordes and grab some samples while still there. 

Emcee Nadia Heng, during the first Q&A
After not getting anything during the first Q&A (usually a big waste of time because of the number of early eager beavers), I left to go get lunch and when I got back, was early enough to hang around for the second Q&A session, and also to peck out more samples from the girls walking around the place with the huge boxes in the meantime. At this point I have more samples than face to try them on :P 

After winning more Fresh deluxe samples (whee!) in the second Q&A, I left. No, I didn't buy anything either because the line was long and slow moving, which was just as well I was out-kiasu-ed for the vouchers because I didn't want to make a second trip back to use the voucher. Also I wasn't sure if I could swipe both my Black Card and ONECARD at the same time, or if it's a either/or situation. Time will tell, I guess. 

If nothing else, I'm glad this time they did the White Card signup at the door instead of at the cashier, which really slowed things down during the Nu Sentral store opening a couple of years ago. 

Freebie haul. Didn't buy anything :P