Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Now You See Me 2

I finally cashed the free movie ticket coupon from the webe app to watch Now You See Me 2 (I'm glad they didn't call it Now You See Me Too, which would sound more like a rom-com than a caper movie. But calling this movie Now You Don't would be hilarious). 
  • One of the questions (well, okay, the ONLY question) I had going in was how they were writing out Isla Fisher's character (she was IRL pregnant and couldn't do the movie), and the reason given in the movie was plausible... enough. Haha. And all while we first meet Lula too. By the way, I don't mind Lizzy Caplan. 
  • First five minutes/cold open was them showing Lionel Shrike's last trick, which made me go, "Okay, who asked to see THAT?!" Even as a motivation for Rhodes's long game in the first movie, I didn't think it was necessary to see that...
  • The opening credits was a recap of the first movie... in case anyone forgot how that went. 
  • Finally, Dave Franco's character's card throwing comes in handy? And he gets a love interest too, so good for him?
  • You have to admit, the card sleight of hand in the second act was fun to watch... you can't do that with an actual USB stick. I imagine it might be a touch better in 3D :P 
  • Woody Harrelson playing his own asshole evil twin was just... eh, whatever.
  • I have to admit, that rain trick in the third act was not bad. 
  • You have to feel bad for Woody Harrelson as the oldest Horseman, but you have to admit, Mark Ruffalo really looks chan here. 
  • Jay Chou's England still sucks balls. Even Tsai Chin's was loads better. 
  • I mixed up Sanaa Lathan with Zoe Saldana... whoops :P 
  • I was wondering how Michael Caine figured into this movie, with what happened to him in the first movie... 
  • But Daniel Radcliffe playing his bastard son was like, "err.... really ah?" 
  • I don't know whether to cringe or feel a little bad when Mark Ruffalo's character is told to find a successor just as he's got the plume job in The Eye in the end.. or was it just me? 
  • Who could've seen that ending coming? 
It's just as well that a third movie is already in the works (they made enough money meh?). If you've enjoyed the first one, you may or may not like this one. And sure, I'll watch the third one if it does come out.