Thursday, 16 June 2016

MACC - Episode VII: The Funny Wake Up Liao

I thought I was early in getting my ticket to MACC's latest show, EPISODE VII: THE FUNNY WAKE UP LIAO, only to be (relieved) that other people were more kiasu than me and had gotten plum seats. Anyway, stuck to my buying of the cheap seat up in the balcony because I had never been up there before. 

(I usually get these out the same night, but by the time I got home - what with the outgoing congestion, road closure around Midvalley and having to take a more erm, scenic route home - it was about midnight and I rather sleep... but not before catching up on @midnight)

By the time I made my way to the theatre, they were giving out free Tiger Radler (who's a sponsor) - not full sized cans or anything, but just enough to wet the throat (as someone who doesn't like beer, yay!) 

Did the show start at 9 pm on the dot? Of course not, this is Malaysia. But while waiting, I did manage to watch the preshow promo videos that I know they put out weeks beforehand online which I never watch then cos I know I'll be watching them at the show. 

Now I know what the view from the balcony is like: this is all I see had I sat up straight... 

As usual, Dr Jason went up first and did about 15, 20 minutes. Some about his wife and their compatibility, some about...damnit, this is why I put these out quickly, I kinda forgot. Good for them, I suppose. 

Chi Ho did something different this time and brought huge pictures of his two adorable kids... and a picture of the gahmen-sponsored pedo that people jokingly say look like him. All that, and he talked about the corporal punishment we all got as kids that we wouldn't do to our own nowadays. 

Jenhan's set was about aging and how at 29 he's getting to be more like an uncle (if he's feeling it at 29, then I'm as ancient as Yoda liao). And he was getting the crowd to help him spot his car's clone (which BTW is WNJ 2262, little red 2-seater Toyota).

Douglas's set was not as political this time, but he did still poke some fun at the gahmen. This year's song was to the tune of Lukas Graham's 7 Years. Damn drama the way he sang the song. 

Anyway, after final bows, they played a last video that (they say) is not available online. 

Because they were sponsored by both INTI College and Tiger Radler this time, the show posters were free... and I deigned to finally get both the poster and my ticket signed. 

This is why I usually cabut right after the show...
Tickets for tonight (Thursday) are still available (as Douglas keeps mentioning and telling us to spread the word), but not Friday and Saturday (obviously). 

If you can make it and get tickets (if not KL, then other places they're gonna be performing all around the country), you should. Still laugh die me hilarious.