Monday, 6 June 2016

Gabriel Iglesias - #Fluffy Breaks Even World Tour 2016

I don't know anyone else who would be 3 8 enough to go watch this with me (I had put the callout, but oh well), so I got in on the fan "presale" that happened a couple of days before the general online sale. I had to shut up and pay the RM10 transaction fee :( 

Fast forward to the night of... 


By the time I got done with dinner, I only had time to get myself there, nip over to Cold Storage for a bit and back upstairs just as they were letting the hordes in. Drinks were either Tiger beer (RM15) or Tiger Radler (RM10). I only bought a Radler because the young ladies were nice enough to get one for me instead of me having to (presumably) line up (with voucher in hand) for it. 

Of course the show only started at Malaysian 8.30 p.m. (read: 8.45 p.m.) with a couple of opening acts: his friends and co-stars on his TV show (Fluffy Breaks Even), Martin Moreno and Alfred Robles who each did 15 minutes. Martin was the only one with the raunchier set, which he disclaimed the moment he stepped on stage. I don't know if it's true that he pretty much can't use his material in some other places, but I'm glad that he could here. Alfred's set was also not bad, but he was spot on about the lack of personal space while queuing up here in Malaysia. 

Good thing there's a timer ...

And then they wisely did a 15-minute intermission before bringing on Fluffy. I wasn't the only one who took the chance to "self upgrade" after intermission to a more expensive seat, which was fine by security since we weren't recording anything... (which they were enforcing with all seriousness, with the beefy guys walking around the place)

After a (somewhat lengthy) introduction/ground rule laying by Martin, the place pretty much exploded in excitement when Fluffy finally got on stage. His 45 minute set is (according to Martin) "new stuff", which was for the most part pretty funny, even his durian encounter. (If nothing else, I really do enjoy his white lady impressions). He also mentioned his kid, who's following him on the tour instead of going to prom. Maybe it's just me, but I would skip prom too.. 

I also can't help but feel like there was too much buttering up to the crowd (they say they're definitely looking forward to coming back in the future, etc), but that's just me.  

He did promise his older material (if requested) after that. He also went on for another 30 minutes after the official end time, because he kept getting thrown off by people reciting his jokes back at him before he could finish. While I'm not complaining that the show went on longer than it should've, I'm also glad that I parked downstairs and not upstairs for an easier getaway. While I was waiting for the lifts to go back downstairs, I came face to face with Fluffy and his entourage as they were leaving. 

It was a good thing I didn't try to be a hero and watch both Potted Potter and Gabriel Iglesias on the same day and spaced them both out over the weekend, what with the touch of flu I'm fighting on top of the sleeplessness from the balmy nights..