Thursday, 26 May 2016

X-Men: Apocalypse

Some reviews panned X-Men: Apocalypse early on by the Western media who got to go to press screenings days before the movie came out everywhere else but the US (this was already out last Thursday here, while it's only getting US release on Friday their end). 
  • The cold open is the most people will get to see bald Oscar Isaac sans makeup before he becomes powerful blue asshole. Also, En Sabah Nur is a dumb name. 
  • So among his powers, En Sabah Nur knows how to turn everything to dust? No wonder Egypt so dusty :P 
  • MOIRA, GTFO of that hole already!!! 
  • Magneto's kid's power of being able to communicate with animals is almost... Disney-like :P 
  • Magneto killing the police with the locket while still hugging his dead family is pretty badass.
  • My inner old fart was excited when Eurythmics's Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These) came on during that Quicksilver centrepiece... and almost sang along. 
  • Ooh, MacGyver
  • That Quicksilver evacuation scene is pretty cool and funny to watch.
  • I don't know whether to laugh or cry that Cyclop's initial eyewear was a jerry-rig of Wayfarers (yes, the RB logo was very obvious) and post eye-op coveralls. 
  • I can only imagine how awkward it must be for Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult when they do scenes together... 
  • Yes, Hugh Jackman makes a brief appearance. 
  • I don't know why Jubilee gets so much screentime, considering she doesn't say all that much or figure that much into the plot.  
  • With Quicksilver dead in MCU, here they can reveal the familial lineage between Magneto and Quicksilver... hmm. 
  • So the guys get covered to the gills in metal plates and Olivia Munn is dressed like that the entire movie?! 
  • They were not kidding about how little screentime Olivia Munn gets as Psylocke :P Since she survived, I wonder if she'll be in a future movie...? But the purple psychic blasts all very chic :P 
  • I get that Apocalypse wants Xavier's telepathy, but he does know the man can't walk, right...? When you think about it, he should've gone for Jean Grey instead.
  • So this is how Charles ends up bald....? Even with no hair, McAvoy still looks pretty hot, haha.
  • Did anyone expect Stryker NOT to bail? 
  • I find myself saying "Well, THAT'S convenient" a lot with some people's powers... like when Magneto and Jean Grey rebuilt the school in the end by waving their hands and building materials around. Would've made for great building team :P
  • I thought I recognised that wheelchair in the end... is it made out of plastic for the same way Magneto has his helmet on? 
  • So with the big bad gone, do the Four Horsemen get to keep their upgraded powers, does it go with him? 
  • I'm okay with Jennifer Lawrence not reprising her role as Mystique down the road... mostly because I always found that piece of casting a bit odd...? 
If you enjoyed the previous films, don't let the bad press stop you from watching this.