Saturday, 14 May 2016

Short jaunt to JPO

I can't remember the last time I flew domestically. I was struggling to remember when that was, until I looked through my 20-something year old travel journal and I believe it was back in the late 90s O___0 

It's not that I haven't travelled domestically over the years, it's just that the 'rents were too cheap to fly.... or rather (according to them), they needed the car to "get around" and buy things like keropok lekor and what not that might be tricky to check in...? I don't know. But it's been mostly land travel in the years since, which is fine for a couple of hours, or places you (logically) can't fly to... like from KL to Malacca (haha), Ipoh or like Genting Highlands. But driving to places where there are plenty of cheap flights to? That one, I can't even :P

I had some AirAsia points that was going to waste. I also wanted to drop by JPO without spending a whole day on the road driving there and back (3, 4 hours on the North-South Highway with minimal traffic, just one way). So what the heck - I found a cheap enough Firefly flight out from Subang and used said points for the flight back, albeit to KLIA2. I even used some of the points for the on-flight hot meal (on such a short flight, ill-advised :P). 

After wolfing down a meal at the Subang Skypark McDs and the security screenings, I got to the gate just in time. It was such a long walk from the terminal to the plane itself, the lack of on-board airconditioning was felt massively by not just me, but my makcik seatmate as well. 

I got an Uber ride pretty quickly out of the airport: he was already on his way with someone else.

I only had a few hours at JPO, but it was sufficient for me because I know I wasn't going into every single shop, or spend a lot of time in the rest. It was cloudy when I was there and rained for a bit, which made it more bearable than usual. Didn't really find anything I liked, except this...

I was done after a couple of hours when I decided to check Uber for nearby drivers. There was one 2 minutes away and I took it as a sign to leave, otherwise I wouldn't know when there would be another car: The guy just happened to be outside JPO and was about to call it a day when I made the request, so it was fortuitous for everyone involved. 

I hadn't flown out of Senai before, so I was a bit confused at departure - it was just ONE guy at a podium, matching names on boarding passes and IDs of hundreds of people in line. And the one X-ray machine. Oy vey.

The on board meal was not bad, but because it was only an hour long flight, I had to wolf it down :P